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Here are some ways we help our current customers every day:
Training We provide training for your staff on the practice management system and electronic medical system. We adapt our training methods to the needs of the learner and use best practices for improving your workflow.
System Support We take care of back-ups, disaster recovery, loading application updates and system upgrades, and the other day-to-day database management for your practice. Some of the items you can choose for us to assist with includes sending claims, sending patient statements, schedule building, reporting, and template building. We also work with the vendor on resolving issues as they arise.
Revenue Cycle Management Consultation We understand that getting payments in the door from payers and patients is key to running a successful medical practice. We can analyze your revenue cycle workflow and offer programs and suggestions for improvement, all while benchmarking your improved financial performance.
I.T. Services We also offer PC and printer set-up and repair, anti-virus software installation and management, along with network set-up and support. We can also recommend and purchase equipment for your practice.
Let us make a difference for your medical practice!